“We are happy to have a small role in the great things you are doing for these children and their families!”

Donna Heard - Video Magic Productions

“My brother had a brain tumor when he was 18, so it hits home. I know how it is for these children, and what the family and the patients are going through. David C. McKnight is also an amazing person.”

Michael Kayayan - Carnival Bounce

“Thank you again. He is so full of life today! We haven’t seen him this excited in a long time.”

Lori - Mother of Brandon Cunningham

“Thank you so very berry much for celebrating my beautiful, sweeter than sugar, granddaughter, Taylor. After her last surgery, we were just talking about the celebration and she had big smiles talking about it! Again, thank you so very berry much for celebrating my granddaughter with so many wonderful memories!”

Patricia Lawrence - Nana of Taylor LaCorbiere

“Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough words to express how we feel. It was so humbling to see what so many who’ve never met my daughter would do for her. To feel the love, support and generosity of so many has been such a blessing. She curled up with her rainbow blanket and said she wanted to share all her memories of tonight with it so she can see again when she needs to. You’ve given her so much tonight that wasn’t material. You’ve given her the ability to reach into her memories and remember this night the next time the ‘real world’ gets rough. That is worth more than all the gold in the world! She never stopped smiling, she never stopped having fun, she never once thought about death, breast cancer, hospitals or sickness. For that; I will forever hold you in my heart. Thank you to each and everyone of you. And the biggest thank you for loving my little Sophia and planning the best party ever. We will always cherish this.”

Kim Hale - Mother of Sophia

“Thank you for making Johnny’s party so wonderful. We all had a wonderful time. You certainly do a great job!”

Amera Fritz - Aunt of Jonathan Dunlap

“We loved everything! Every detail, thought and all the love put into the party to celebrate our Johnny was beyond amazing, right down to the cape on the pencil the children received in their gift bags! Just amazing! Thank you so much. Words cannot describe how much we absolutely loved Johnny’s superhero party. We were, and are, in awe of the event you planned for our Johnny! We are moved to tears knowing how much thought, care and love was put into planning the party for Johnny. We appreciate everyone who worked on this party and made it such a huge and wonderful success! We know Johnny was thrilled beyond words. May God Bless you all for your kindness, caring and love.”

Beverly Abbas - Grandmother of Jonathan Dunlap

“To all of you involved in the Celebration of Life for Johnny Dunlap, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful, fun and exciting party for Johnny last night. It is a wonderful thing to know that others care and feel another person’s pain. The Dunlap family has been through a lot in the last three years, and I appreciate what you have given them. We also know that with every success story comes the pain of others fighting this battle and losing, so keep your mission going and know you are a blessing to all people like us. Thank you and may God bless each of you.”

Sherrie and Guy Davidson, Great Grandparents of Jonathan Dunlap

“Last night was absolutely amazing! Everything was beautiful and so much fun! I cannot thank you all enough! All of you were so kind and welcoming, and made an amazing memorable night that we will always remember! Johnny just LOVED everything. Thank you again for making it such a special night.”

Joyce Dunlap - Mother of Jonathan Dunlap

“The video from Johnny’s party is amazing! Watching it makes me so happy that I’m crying happy tears! That night was spectacular. You all did such a wonderful job and it was so special! Johnny loves the video too. While watching the video he said, ‘I loved that day.’ We can never thank KIDSgala enough.”

Joyce Dunlap - Mother of Jonathan Dunlap

“We could never thank you enough for all that you did for Hope. The Party was an absolute dream come true! Hope loves her dollhouse as well! You guys are truly marvelous and have heard of absolute gold! What an honor to Nicole. Thank you again!”

The Roelofs Family

“David – I just wanted to thank you all again for hosting Freddy’s party. Everyone had such a great time, including Freddy, who had the time of his life!. The happiness and laughter our son experienced in his honor will be such a wonderful, lifelong memory for all of us. Freddy has gained a whole new self-confidence since the event, which is amazing to see! We couldn’t be happier! What a huge celebration your party, which was absolutely perfect, brought to our family and all of our guests. KIDSgala’s kindness and generosity has touched us. We feel so fortunate to be a part of your family. You all are amazing people. Thank you so much for doing what you do and doing it so well.”

Delena Lombardo and Family


Nicole Marie Burton

A foundation created in the memory of Nicole Marie Burton, to provide a gifted celebration to children who have or are battling a life altering event. KIDSgala is dedicated to hosting events that will individually celebrate each child’s life achievements…