Life and Courage
It all started with Nicole...
The inspiration for KIDSgala was the amazing Nicole Marie Burton, who showed us the importance of celebrating the life, strength and courage of children facing adversity.
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Life and Courage
Mighty Max Celebration
In our first gifted celebration we honored Mighty Max, giving him the opportunity to celebrate life with his family and friends.
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Life and Courage
The White Party Celebration
KIDSgala's signature fundraising event is our Annual White Party, an enchanting evening full of food, fun, and entertainment.
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Nicole Marie Burton
A foundation created in the memory of Nicole Marie Burton, to provide a gifted celebration to children who have or are battling a life altering event. KIDSgala is dedicated to hosting events that will individually celebrate each child’s life achievements…
KIDSgala was founded in 2013 by David C. McKnight, owner and founder of Emerald City Designs, with the goal of celebrating the life of children struggling from life altering illnesses and disabilities.
After learning that his dear friend’s nine-year old daughter had been diagnosed with leukemia, McKnight recognized the importance of celebrating the outstanding courage of children. Since 2013, McKnight and his hardworking team have raised thousands of dollars through fundraising events.
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